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What are all the costs associated with Registration? 

  • Division Price - This will change depending on the birthday of your child. Please see the 'Registration Info - Available Programs' tab for pricing.
  • Non-Volunteer Fee - The League charges a $50 Volunteer Fee. This fee will be returned to you once you've volunteered to be a Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Manager, worked at the Concession Stand, or volunteered during Field Clean Up Day. These sign-ups will be available closer to the season start once dates and times have been set for games. **Charged once per player.
  • Raffle Ticket Fee - Each Child/Registration will receive this $50 Fee. You will receive ten(10) $5 Raffle Tickets at the start of the season that can be sold to get back your $50, OR you can redeem them yourself. **Charged once per player.
  • Early Bird Discount - This is a $5 discount available for each Registration through November. 
  • Late Registration Fee - A $20 fee is charged for signing up after the close of Registration on 1/22.
  • Multi-Child Family Discount - A $10 discount is applied to each additional child registered after the first.
  • Service Fee (Also known as a transaction fee) - This $3 fee is charged by our website host, Sports Connect, for every transaction. To avoid multiple fees, be sure to register all children at the same time.
How much does Spring Softball cost? ***All costs include a $50 Volunteer Fee which can be earned back by volunteering to work a shift at the Concession Stand or Field Cleanup, and a $50 Raffle Ticket Fee which can earned back by selling your raffle tickets and keeping the proceeds.
Pinto(8U) - $195.00
Mustang(10U) - $200.00
Bronco(12U) - $205.00
Pony(14U) & Colt(16U) - $350.00
Service Fee - $3.00 per Transaction
Early Registration Discount(11/1-11/30) - $5.00
Late Registration Fee(After 1//22) - $20.00

How do I register my child?
At the top of the screen, you will see a  Login | Register button. Click Login if you've already created a Sports Connect account, or Register to create a new account. Be sure to add each child as a 'Participant.' Once that's done, it should list each available program per participant.

I want my child to play in the next division up, but it's not an option. How can I sign them up for that division?
Please register them for the division listed, as this follows the age guidelines set by Pony and Tri-County.  During registration, you will be asked, 'Does the participant want to move up one(1) Division?' Please answer yes, and then in the 'Special Requests/Comments:' section, list the reason for wanting to move up a division(ex: Already played two years of T-Ball, Their sibling just moved up a division, and I'd like to keep them together, etc.) **The Board will vote on a case by case basis once registration is closed(Factors taken into consideration include but are not limited to: number of players in each division, number of years experience, etc).

Are Birth Certificates required?
Birth Certificates are now required by CYSL and must be uploaded during registration. The Sports Connect system only keeps the picture on file for six(6) months after a board member verifies the information. If you are uncomfortable uploading the information through the website, please upload a note saying that you will show the birth certificate directly to a board member for verification. It is your responsibility to complete this before the start of the season. 

Are they required to wear a full-face softball helmet while batting and a mask while fielding in Softball?
Tri-County Rules state Pitchers must wear a Face Mask, and it is highly recommended that all infielders wear a mask. All Batting Helmets will cover both ears and have a full protective face mask.

When do practices and games start and end? 
The league holds a 2 day clinic for all players in the Middle of January before the draft. Indoor practices may begin as early as February, with outdoor practices starting in March/April, weather permitting. Coaches will have discretion on days/times for practices except for indoor, which is governed by School Gym availability. Indoor practices will be once a week and outdoor practices will be twice a week. Games will start the last week of April and go through the end of June, with two games a week. Depending on field availability and coach's discretion, practices may continue one day a week after games start.

What day will games take place?
**Contingent on Tri-County not changing their scheduling practices.
Pinto(8U) - Wednesday @ 5:30 PM & Saturdays @ 12:30 PM
Mustang(10U) - Monday & Thursday @ 5:30 PM
Bronco(12U) - Tuesday & Friday @ 5:30 PM
Pony(14U) & Colt(16U) - No set scheduled game days, will be dependent on coaches availability & opposing teams availability.


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